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Innovative, Low Prices & Free S/H! Authentic & 30 Day Money Back Over 70% New & Buy It Now. This is the new eBay. Find Omega Speedmaster Now Serial onthe lug is a modern thing for Omega. For vintage, the serial is on the movement. 27mil is around 67-68 I believe. Serial ranges can be found at sites like soeedmaster101, or books like moonwatch only Omega Speedmaster Date of Manufacture by Serial Numbers. There is a new and more accurate resource for finding out the age of a vintage Speedmaster Moon or Pre-Moon you are trying to buy. This database uses a compilation or known and confirmed extracts of archives from Omega Museum to estimate the age of your Speedmaster

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  1. Year: Case Reference Numbers: Calibre: Serial Numbers: 1957: CK 2915: 321: 14xxxxxxx. 1958: CK 2915: 321: 15xxxxxxx. 16xxxxxxx. 1959: CK 2998: 321: 16xxxxxxx. 1960.
  2. For those who are looking to date a Speedmaster, Please link here to a more up-to-date and more specific table for dating Speedmaster Serial Numbers compiled by Roman Hartmann and also hosted by myself again this table is also approximate and barring a more accurate table published by Omega is the best we have
  3. find the approximate year your vintage omega speedmaster was produced by its serial number. disclaimer: serial number dating is not a 100% accurate way to date your watch, but is generally accepted to be accurate within 6 to 12 months
  4. e the date of a contemporary watch, it's best to contact Omega directly. A note on Omega Speedmaster watches: This popular watch had its own serial number system for many years. You can find this information in the separate table beneath the first. Omega serial number dates (excluding Speedmaster
  5. Omega Speedmaster is a line of chronograph wristwatches produced by Omega SA. While chronographs have been around since the late 1800s, Omega first introduced this line of chronographs in 1957. Since then, many different chronograph movements have been marketed under the Speedmaster name
  6. F This serial number data item not given in Hartmann's data but empirically derived from a consensus of users in various internet Omega collector forums. Seems to occur most frequently with Omega Speedmaster Mark II models. Links. Omega Serial Numbers by Year by Chuck Maddox. Omega's official serial number date table ; Omega Speedmaster.
  7. I know that Omega certified technicians and watchmakers have access to the extranet, which will tell you the exact watch model number and factory features from the serial number, but I don't think it will give you a watch's age

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Many think the movement number (serial number) reveals the date of manufacture based upon the various charts but it does not. The charts do not take into account that parts engraved with these numbers sit around in parts bins for days, weeks, months, even years before being assembled into watches. Omega does not assemble them in any order You can be sure you are buying a genuine OMEGA watch if you follow these steps: Buy an OMEGA watch only from authorized OMEGA retailers who will give you the credit-card size warranty, duly completed with the 8-digit serial number, the watch reference, the purchase date and the retailer's full name and address (To find the movement and case number as well as reference of your timepiece, it may be necessary to open the case of the watch. We recommend that this only be done by a competent watchmaker, OMEGA retailer, or OMEGA service centre. Because of its well-deserved reputation for precision and reliability, the Omega Speedmaster was chosen by NASA as its official chronometer in 1965. It was the only watch flight-certified by NASA for EVA use, and accompanied astronaut Ed White on the first space walk during the Gemini 4 mission in 1965 Omega Watch Discussions > Vintage Omega Watches Help, Discussion and Advice > Speedmaster production and serial numbers from the MOONWATCH ONLY websit

Once you've found a nice vintage Speedmaster, always ask for the serial/movement-number (not to be confused with the caliber number). Omega has an extract of the archives service that is able to indicate whether the movement was indeed delivered in a certain case reference, in what year and to which country Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph with cal. 1861 movement and original SWISS MADE dial. Movement serial number matches the case number 77771880. If you believe in lucky numbers the first 4 digits of the serial and case number are 7777 !! This watch dates to 2005 as per the serial number. All original dial, hands and crystal

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2915 serials are very vague. Be aware that seamasters also had 15m serials and no extract can confirm. I believe 1599 is a good serial. *MWO quotes an earlier finish serial **MWO quotes all the last three sub references together. ***So rare my number here is more of a gues Where are Omega serial numbers? Where are Omega serial numbers? Older Omega watches may only have the serial number on the inside of the watch, requiring a quality jewellery or watch repairer to open it. more Modern watches have the laser engraved usually on the back of your watch

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OMEGA. Omega is another example of a watch that puts the watch model number inside of the case. Omega watches do have a serial on the outside of the case however, that will search in Omega's database and correspond with a model number The Omega Speedmaster of a family member (bought 50 years ago) indicates on the case cover 105.012-66 CB however the serial number is 26.552.xxx !!!! how is it possible that it is within the range of 145.012 ?? That means finding the Reference Number in the case-back, and the Serial number in the movement. If you are new to Speedmasters - especially if you are new to vintage watches, do not skip this page. It is relevant for each of the watches we look at and should be read in conjunction with the detailed reference pages

Recent OMEGA watches usually carry their serial number somewhere on the back--but they will be in extremely small laser-etched digits requiring a magnifier to read. Older OMEGA watches (and new ones bought from certain illegitimate sources) may only have the serial number on the inside of the watch, requiring a jeweler to open it for you Omega Serial Numbers... Rolex watches feature two sets of identification numbers... a Serial Number and a Case Reference Number. On modern Oyster cases (excluding the OysterQuartz), these numbers are engraved between the lugs, hidden behind the end pieces (as shown in the images below) Omega can order an Extract of the Archives for a price, but they are not always available. Serial numbers can at best give a rough estimate. Most charts offer a 3-4 year window based on what the serial number begins with and there are numerous exceptions even to those rough estimates You can check out the serial number of this Omega Seamaster watch. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch - Unbox & Review - Duration: 13:52. Just One More Watch 129,337 views

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Beginning in about 1962, NASA purchased examples of a number of commercially available watches for evaluation. Aside from its primary and obvious function, the Omega Speedmaster Professional also incorporated a chronograph (stopwatch) via the large third hand on the watch dial Serial Number. Omega watches have unique eight-digit serial numbers that identify the pieces in Omega's database. Vintage watches have the serial number engraved on the inside of the watch back. Modern watches have a serial number engraved on the exterior of the watch. It is also on the guarantee card that comes with the watch On some Omega watches, the serial number may be laser-etched and very small. If the serial number is small and hard to read, a magnifying glass or lighted eye loupe may be necessary to read the serial number. Omega watch serial numbers help buyers determine whether the watch is authentic or counterfeit 176.0002 - Speedmaster Mark III ==> Gent's Watch, Self-winding chronograph,Water-resistant Calender; The 3 or 4 digit number at the end, is simply a unique identifier for the watch. There is no coding behind this number. It is simply the next watch gets the next unused number. Omega started with 3 digit numbers & at some stage moved to 4 digit The Speedmaster was not originally designed for space exploration. Instead, it was introduced in 1957 as a sport and racing chronograph following on from the early chronographs of the 1920s and 1930s, including the Omega 28.9 chronograph, which was Omega's first small wrist chronograph, complementing Omega's position as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games


Over 70% New & Buy It Now; THIS is the new eBay. Find Omega Speedmaster now Shop WatchMaxx For Top Brands At The Lowest Prices! Secure Checkout & Free S&H Omega Serial Numbers by Year. Omega Speedmaster Evolution by Roman Hartmann... Year: Case Reference Numbers: Calibre: Serial Numbers: 1957

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  1. The serial number is odd as it should be 8 digits. Dating more recent watches via serial number charts is dicey at best as Omega has never provided a more recent update. As with any deal if it seems odd walk away before it's too late and you fall victim to a scam
  2. The Omega Logo: Applied Metal Type Logo: From the beginning in 1957 through all c.321 movement models and some early c.861 models, the Omega Logo on the Dial of Speedmasters were of the Applied Metal type. Because of the reflectivity of the metal in the logo the mirror-like metal logo will take the appearance of the background it is reflecting
  3. Omega info; Omega Heritage; Omega codes and movement numbers; Globemaster; Moonwatch; Constellation; Speedmaster; Omega old guarantee; Omega box & instructions(1953-1954) Omega Boxes; Omega pocket watch display and instructions; Omega Newspaper; Omega great moments in time; Omega speedmaster 50th anniversary pins‏ Omega movement.

I don't just collect watches, I collect serial numbers too. And sales and manufacturing dates. Help out! Send me the scoop on your cal. 1040 or Speedmaster 125!! If you have a cal. 1040 or cal. 1041/Speedmaster 125, help me out by reaching out to me through the contact form on the right. The serial numbers are useful for several reasons The Omega serial number decoder Find the date of an Omega watch The serial number on your Omega watch will usually be found either laser etched in tiny digits on the back or for older watches it may be on the inside of the case. It will be a number (no letters) between 5 and 9 digits long Up for grabs is an Omega Speedmaster Professional145.022-69 reference cal. 861322196XX serial number period correct for straight writing casebackExcellent vintage condition case is free or any major dings or dents. No corrosion or pitting.Dial is in excellent vintage condition, step, tritium. Nice patina on plots and original hands

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  1. Omega Locating your Omega serial number. Recent Omega watches usually carry their serial number somewhere on the back but they will be in extremely small laser-etched digits requiring a magnifier to read. Older Omega watches may only have the serial number on the inside of the watch, requiring a jeweler to open it for you. 1891 - 190
  2. Date your Omega Watch by the serial number on the case. Omega History and production dates here
  3. ing—otherwise, it's a counterfeit

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#4: Serial number. All Omega movements have a serial number. On most movements, you can see it on the barrel bridge or train wheel bridge. The serial number can be used to determine (with an accuracy of 1-2 years) when a movement has been manufactured. This should match the period in which Omega produced a particular model If you are planning to buy an Omega Speedmaster (Professional), take a look at the pictures in the Changes through the years page for details. 4. Let the watchmaker open the watch so you can take a look at the movement! Is it signed, does it have the calibre number written on it Where is the serial number? The serial number on most current OMEGA Seamaster models is laser etched in very small type on the back of the lug closest to the 7 o'clock position on the watch. Some newer Titanium models have it on the back of the lug closest to the 11 o'clock position Omega Stainless Steel Speedmaster Chronograph ref 3513.33 case serial number 56.8 million circa 1998. 40mm diameter stainless steel case with black tachometer bezel. Sapphire crystal and signed Omega crown Omega Speedmasters do not have case numbers stamped into them like Rolex serial numbers. Instead they have individual Omega serial numbers stamped into the watch movement. This does mean you need to remove the caseback to be able to see the movement and to find out the Omega movement number

Ref 35765000 Serial 7778567X RasputinWatchSite. Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space vs Moonwatch Professional - Duration: 13:50. The Critical Gentleman 25,658 views.. OMEGA LIMITED EDITION MEN'S SPEEDMASTER MOONWATCH Usually ships within 6 months | View In Stock Men's Omega Watches Store Display Model (What's This?) - Free Overnight Shipping - No Sales Tax (Outside California) - With Manufacturer Serial Numbers - Swiss Made - CK2998 Limited Edition, Numbered XXXX / 2998 Ever Made - Silver Dial with Blue Subdial

The Omega Speedmaster History Part 3 - the limited - including all the Apollo XI Editions, an unexpected meeting of two rarities and a real astronaut watch Transitional model Omega Speedmaster pre Man on the Moon model, ref 145.022-69. Movement serial # of 30.5 million dates this example to 1969. This is the transitional model powered by caliber 861 manual wind movement as opposed to the now discontinued caliber 321, with original matte black stepped. Modern Omega serial numbers are located on the underside of one case lug. Omega no longer publicises serial numbers to help counter fakes, but simple arithmetic suggests that around 3 million Omega watches are made each year, from that our estimate for 2009-2011 are included in the chart below The serial number (1.55xxxx) dates this example to 1958. The very first Speedmaster is powered by Omega's famous caliber 321. This Speedmaster 2915-1 is the holy grail of Speedmaster collecting, and it has becoming almost impossible to find attractive examples

I am trying to get more information about an Omega watch given to me some years ago by the widow of a friend. A jeweler has identified it as an Omega SpeedMaster Professional Mark II Chronograph, Model 145.014, Serial Number 31322418 On Chrono24 you can buy and sell Omega parts and accessories like buckles, straps, crowns and dials 3. Omega Speedmaster - 3rd generation (1963) The next development within the Speedmaster family was a decisive one. Introduced in 1963, and powered by the manual-wound calibre 321, the ST 105.003 is the exact model delivered to and tested by NASA Comes with OEM Omega stainless 1498/840 Speedmaster style bracelet (16 full links) Bracelet is in great condition with only a light scuffs. Clasp is in great condition with only a light scuffs. Watch comes with: white Omega outer box (correct stickered limited edition box) with matching serial number ; Black Omega inner box and watch pillo The OMEGA Speedmaster automatic reference ST 376.0822, nicknamed Holy Grail by collectors, is considered one of the rarest Speedmasters and thus has been highly sought after since years. However its early days were hardly promising, the model did not sell well and its production time was very short (1987-1988)

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  1. Rare! A stunning early example of a collectable Omega Speedmaster Pre-Moon model, (reference 145.022-69ST with Omega cal. 861 hand wound movement with serial number from 29xxx). This watch has a beautiful stepped dial in perfect condition with recently replaced hands (original hands can be provided)
  2. Eisele's NASA-issued chronograph was inscribed with the part number common to other NASA Speedmaster watches, SEB12100039-002, and a unique serial number, 34. (Eisele also wore a personal Omega Speedmaster on Apollo 7, engraved with the serial number 38. That chronograph was sold by Sotheby's in 2007 for $204,000.
  3. Even when a serial number is present, it is worth running the number through a quick Internet search. Many counterfeit Omega models use the same serial number for multiple watches, so if the serial number comes up for anything other than the exact watch that you are holding, then it is likely a fake
  4. First and Second Generation X-33. Omega made two separate production versions of the Speedmaster Professional X-33 in its lifetime. The first version released in 1998 is commonly known as the First Gen X-33 (or at least it was so known following the introduction of its successor) and was given the Omega Product Identification Code number 3290.50.00
  5. Omega Speedmaster Date By Serial Number, fxhome photokey serial crack spider fb6239685f [Featured Posts. This is the title of your first post. July 1, 2015

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We deal solely in mechanical Swiss-made (1900s-1970s) vintage watches from the golden age of pre-quartz time measuring I www.WristChronology.com I Hom Serial numbers of Speedmaster Pro models have obviously departed from the standard Omega serial number system by 1969. Whatever the reason for this might be, in the 1980s it also turned somewhat chaotic. For example, a watch with a serial pointing to a certain year could have in fact been made two years earlier or later Omega Speedmaster Moon Broad Arrow 3594.50. Great Serial Number ending In 57 Full Kit. Full Movement service March 2019 by Certified Omega OMWE 1120 Watchmaker March 2019. OMWE 1120 is a very distinguished watchmaker certification given by Omega. Very few watchmakers achieve this certification

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OMEGA Ltd. Rue St??mpfli 96 CH-2500 Bienne 4 Switzerland Tel. +41 (32) 343 92 11 Fax +41 (32) 343 94 60 Doe to our high number of e-mails, we are unable to answer any question regarding watch or antiques serial numbers, age, value, etc The MK III came along in 1971. This was the first automatic Speedmaster, with the Omega calibre 1040/ Lemania 1340-a two-register chronograph. Given the reference number of 176.002, the MK III featured a date display and a central chrono minute hand similar to the legendary Lemania 5100 Because it was the first watch on the moon, the OMEGA Speedmaster has a loyal following of fans and retains its value better than most other OMEGA models. The serial number or model number can help out when you first start trying to figure out the value of a watch March 31, 2019 Omega Speedmaster Blue Dial Automatic Mens Watch 3513.82.00 Card Stock Number: 15994 $2,490.00 EXTRA $300.00 OFF March 30, 2019 Omega Speedmaster Racing White Dial Mens Watch 326. Stock Number: 18469 $3,190.0

Breaking news: the Speedmaster Professional gets a new reference number, a new box (with goodies), an updated bracelet and a price increase. The new box includes an Omega black NATO strap, a velcro strap resembling the one used by NASA, a loupe (with tachymeter!), a strap changing tool and a Speedmaster plate/ coin with the Seahorse logo This watch was bought new old stock with a serial number dating to ~2013, which was the last year of production. Intro: The Speedmaster Reduced 3539.50 is the second generation of the now discontinued Reduced line of Speedmasters This website was created by an Omega Speedmaster collector, with priceless help of Petros Protopapas from the Omega Museum. In order not to hamper his research the Author prefers to remain anonymous however he can be found on Instagram @kovpics. He's happy to be emailed with any questions at hello@omegalcdspeedmaster.com On Chrono24 you'll find prices for 37 Omega Ref 176.0012 watches and can compare and buy a Ref 176.0012 watch at a low price

Omega Speedmaster Watches Popular Used Omega Speedmaster Watches. The Speedmaster garnered its iconic nickname, the Moonwatch, after making history in 1969. That year, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to set foot on the moon, wearing none other than the Speedmaster. Since then, the model has become the official watch of the space program htThe Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph, or Moonwatch, is the master of precision timekeeping. Trusted by Nasa as a tool watch for Astronauts, the Omega Speedmaster has famously accompanied astronauts on six lunar missions

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