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Do you love to talk sports? Learn the tools you'll need to be on-air with a bachelor's degree from Full Sail University's Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting Redditor douglasmacarthur studied the top 200 most active communities on Reddit and decided that categorization was necessary. On May 29, he posted his project to r/TheoryOfReddit, a community. What is Reddit? It's what is lovingly known as the front page of the internet. It's a place where millions of people go every day to discuss politics, post memes, find porn, and share every. Nosleep is a subreddit for realistic horror stories. Everything is true here, even if it's not We asked r/nosleep's moderators to select their favorite stories, and we added a few of our own picks. Behold, the scariest stories from Reddit No Sleep.

Stay up past late with Reddit's spookiest stories that will make you keep the lights on. Here are five of some of the best stories ever told on r/NoSleep 6 Legendary Horror Stories from Reddit's No Sleep. We've rounded up six of their spookiest tales for you to curl up and read — just remember the golden rule for NoSleep: Everything is true on NoSleep, even if it isn't. This series was awarded Best Monthly Winner 2015, and. It depends on what you consider scary. If we're going strictly by popularity (i.e. number of upvotes), the best nosleep story is I'm a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell with 12,700+ upvotes. You can.. The tale of a park search and rescue officer is one of the most infamous NoSleep Reddit stories to date. The amount of creepy stuff that goes down in this park is unfathomable and might make you think twice before you go hiking or camping in the woods. Here is just one of the many stories he has to tell The Scariest Stories from Reddit's NoSleep Subreddit Scary stories are a morbid fascination we have. Every time we read a well-written one, we regret that we couldn't get a room at Hook and Ladder 8. Yet we keep coming back for more, because for some sick reason, scary stories get our blood.

There exists a place on the Internet where spooky stories come to live, breathe, and be interacted with. It's called No Sleep and it's one of Reddit's most captivating subreddits. Users. Tales of horror to frighten and disturb. Join us as the sleepless hours tick past. Brace yourself for The NoSleep Podcast. A multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, The NoSleep Podcast features a cast of talented voice actors, rich atmospheric music and sound effects to enhance the frightening tales

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  1. Man's Story About Most Bizarre Find At Client's House Is Extremely Hard To Not Laugh At - Duration: 11:05. BrainyDude 707,932 view
  2. The NoSleep Podcast is an anthology horror fiction podcast. NoSleep began as a subreddit, or forum, on Reddit where people would exchange scary stories and frightening experiences. With the popularity of NoSleep, a member named Matt Hensen proposed the idea of creating a podcast where the top stories from the NoSleep subreddit would be narrated in an audiobook style
  3. This is a familiar routine for nobody554, one of the longest serving moderators of Reddit's r/nosleep. Auerbach, 28, has written five of the top 25 r/nosleep posts of all time

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Reddit has something for everyone, including those people that like to read short(ish) stories that reveal the horrifying depth of madness hiding in the minds of talented writers. The sub-reddit is called /nosleep and there you can find short stories,.. [up17/10]My favourite reddit nosleep stories. My best friend died last week. *by Emmy-smith; My Parents are Dead, my Wife is Missing *by HowellNJ; I Found a Dead Doctor in a Michigan Hospital *by PhDMI (I don't know why but I loved it. Maybe you should give it a try reddit metrics is a tool for tracking statistics of 1,409,236 reddits (606 created yesterday) and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit.We're not affiliated with reddit inc NoSleep is subreddit on the networking site by the name of Reddit. In this sub, you're able to read original horror stories by all kinds of people and interact with the OP, (Original Poster). These next NoSleep stories are all rated PG-13 and up. I had a great D&D group going at my local game store

For the past several weeks, Reddit HQ has been buzzing with excitement about the final season of Game of Thrones, with some teams even hanging their favorite house sigils over their desks. Each Monday, staff can be spotted darting to quiet corners, whispering waterco Top Nosleep podcasts for 2018. Darkest Night is a binaural audio drama that places you, the listener, at the center of a recovered memory that sounds as though it's happening around you in real time Read Autopilot from the story BEST NOSLEEP STORIES by ramenfromspace with 5,725 reads. ghost, nopenopenopenope, creepypasta. Autopilot by Skarjo [TRIGGER WARNI.. I narrate horror stories like; Creepypastas, nosleep stories, true scary stories, deep web horror stories, scps and more! I compose original music for the scary stories that i read! Youtube: https. Nosleep. 8,004 likes · 9 talking about this. NoSleep is a place to share your original scary story. The purpose of NoSleep is to share stories with and..

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